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Noche Oscura en Lima

When I was studying Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala, my teacher supplemented my lessons with the book Noche Oscura en Lima. It was written as a novel so it is much more interesting than a regular textbook. But, it was written for those learning Spanish so it uses primarily the most common vocabulary words and there are numerous footnotes which explain some of the more interesting and/or challenging forms of grammar used in the book. Unfortunately, this book was written in 1941 and is out of print. So, I managed to buy a used copy on the Internet and decided to scan it so I could make it available to others like you who might also benefit from it as a learning tool. I don't honestly know if it is out of copyright protection or not, so if it isn't and someone cares/complains I may have to remove it in the future.

UPDATE (05-FEB-2012): I finally added the exercises. I have added them to each individual chapter but if you prefer you can view or download them here (PDF) as well.

Table of Contents


    1. Not that I know of. I believe those are intended to be used by a teacher in a classroom setting. Perhaps there is a teacher’s edition of the book that has the answers, but if so, it was not the version I purchased.

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