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Notes from Spanish Texbooks I Have Used

¿Qué tal? An Introductory Course

By Thalia Dorwick, Ana María Pérez-Gironés, Marty Knorre, William R. Glass and Hildebrando Villarreal (McGraw-Hill, Inc., Fourth Edition, 1983)

Before I went to study in Guatemala, I found the textbook I used quite a few years back when I took a Spanish class at a local community college. I think it was a well-known and popularly used textbook but I don't know if it still is or not. Anyway, I reviewed the entire book and took notes summarizing the key grammar points so I could have them with me while I traveled (the book is quite heavy). Here I present them to you in hopes that they may help you review the grammar as well.

Table of Contents

Notes from Spanish Step by Step by Charles Berlitz

These are the notes I took while reading the book, Spanish Step by Step by Charles Berlitz. Chapters/topics incldue:

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