At WordChamp, we give you the power to decide what you want to learn, and how you want to learn, by providing language lessons, activities and tools, and a network of tutors and members that for you to connect with.

Language Activities: WordChamp offers several ways to learn and practice any of more than 130 languages, no matter what your native language happens to be.
* Language Drills — From the Flashcard tab, you can browse and use existing flashcards with our language drills, copy and edit flashcards for your own use, or simply create your own flashcards from scratch.
* Web Reader — The Web Reader helps develop your ability to read foreign language websites or texts. With the point and click of a mouse, you can get translations for difficult words you encounter, including audio, and save these words to practice in language drills later.
* Find a Language Partner — With thousands of members from all over the world speaking 130 languages, you can use WordChamp to find a language partner online to practice your language skills with.
* Find a Tutor — WordChamp users also include tutors offering professional services for learning new languages. You can search for a tutor by language, location, or a specific langu

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