Study Spanish

Study Spanish provides a fairly comprehensive amount of free material – you’ll need to join to gain access to anything beyond the preliminary grammar exercises, but the tutorials are quite informative and verb drills helpful if you’re struggling with conjugation.

Actualidades: Learn Spanish Through Pop Culture

Want to learn Spanish free online? Immerse yourself in Spanish culture? Have fun too? Well you can do all of these things with the educational, fun Spanish activities at Actualidades. This site is designed to facilitate relevant, authentic and interesting language learning through the use of little pieces of pop culture (realia) such as music videos, posters, comic strips and more! Actualidades: Learn Spanish through … [ Read more ]

Learn Spanish (Lingolex)

A varied collection of material for learning Spanish, including: vocabulary, grammar, cultural exchange, and a Spanish food glossary.

Editor’s Note: I found the “20 common errors made by English speakers learning Spanish” to be quite useful.


This site isn’t too special, and it has a lot of affiliate links, but it does have some decent basic grammar review postings and some useful links to other resources. aims to teach you how to speak and write business and conversational Spanish by listening and repeating examples and simplified grammar rules. All lessons and each topic contain vocabulary with recorded audio, and they are organized in Chapters.

Editor’s Note: the copyright info at the bottom along with the overall design and appearance seem to indicate the site is not actively maintained, but there … [ Read more ]


At WordChamp, we give you the power to decide what you want to learn, and how you want to learn, by providing language lessons, activities and tools, and a network of tutors and members that for you to connect with.

Language Activities: WordChamp offers several ways to learn and practice any of more than 130 languages, no matter what your native language happens to be.
* … [ Read more ]

Medical Spanish

Comprehensive website with a medical Spanish focus. Resources include a daily word, sections on medical vocabulary and basic vocabulary, and a cultural section. There are also courses for various health care workers, and an extensive medical Spanish dictionary, complete with audio.


LiveMocha offers free lessons in 11 languages. Through a personal homepage, you access free language courses and build a community of foreign friends. Native speakers in your LiveMocha community help correct your lessons and chat live with you. Interactive, multimedia lessons make learning fun. offers a lot of free resources in the hope that you will someday upgrade to their complete step-by-step conversation course. They have free material to help you with grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.


123TeachMe is a free service for both students and language schools. Do not be fooled by the websites of independent sales agents who demand huge commissions from language schools for each student they enroll. 123TeachMe allows you to save money by working directly with Spanish language schools.

This website is first and foremost a tool for students to learn Spanish. There is a wealth of information … [ Read more ]

e Learn Spanish Language

Free resources for students, teachers, and lovers of Spanish: lessons and quizzes, online dictionaries, chatroom, software, forum, and much more.

Note: I found the Spanish Mistakes and Difficulties section and some of the lessons to be especially useful.


Learn languages in a playful and intuitive way. Unlike traditional learning methods, our concept is about fun, individual interest and the joy of learning.

Learn at your own pace
With Babbel you learn what you want, when you want. No matter what your level is, the system adapts to your learning speed so you can learn on your own, or it gives you guidance to follow.

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Language education site Busuu emphasizes the social side of learning a language. While Busuu has standard components such as vocabulary exercises with audio and writing units to test out your composition, the most interesting aspect is its ability to connect you with both people learning your language and native speakers of your language. You’re learning Spanish and someone else is learning English? Connect through Busuu … [ Read more ]

Spanish Experts

Learning or improving your Spanish? Then this is your blog. Here you’ll find English/Spanish vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, sayings, grammar explanations, FAQs, and much more!

Online Spanish Help

An excellent resource for learning Spanish with games, flash cards, grammar help, and immersion exercises.