123TeachMe is a free service for both students and language schools. Do not be fooled by the websites of independent sales agents who demand huge commissions from language schools for each student they enroll. 123TeachMe allows you to save money by working directly with Spanish language schools.

This website is first and foremost a tool for students to learn Spanish. There is a wealth of information here in numerous general and niche courses, as well as tons of reference pages. Many of the pages include full audio as well as images or videos. We have other useful tools as well like the verb conjugator tool, as well as daily RSS feeds (Word, Verb, and Idiom of the day).

123TeachMe is a directory of independent Spanish language schools. 123TeachMe allows the student to compare the tuition cost, quality of instruction, and overall value of over 900 language schools around the world. The Advanced Search option allows the student to quickly locate language schools offering dozens of special language programs including: medical, business, legal, technical, painting, literature, art, history, humanities, and many more. You may also search language schools by the activities available, such as dancing, cooking, horseback riding, hiki

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