Notes from ¿Qué tal? – g, gu, j

In Spanish, the letter g followed by e or i has the same sound as the letter j followed by any vowel: [x]. It is similar to the English h, although in some dialects is pronounced with a harder sound.

 jamón, jota, jugo

As you know, the letter g has another pronunciation, similar to g in the English word go: [g]. The Spanish letter g is pronounced [g] when it is followed directly by a, o, or u or by the combinations ue and ui.

galante gorila gustoguerrilla siguiente

The Spanish g is also pronounced [g] at the beginning of a phrase (that is, after a pause) or after the letter n.


In any other position, the Spanish g is a fricative: [g]. It sounds very soft.

el gatoel gorillael gusto

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