Grammar Guide – Conjugation

Links to Conjugation Rules

Regular VerbsIrregular VerbsStem-changing Verbs
Preterite HereHereHere
Present SubjunctiveHereHereHere
Imperfect SubjunctiveHereHereHere
Present & Past ParticipleHereHereHere

Also conjugation of … Regular Verbs – Hablar (ar), Comer (er), Vivir (ir); Stem-Changing Verbs – Sentir (ie,i), Dormir (ue,u), Pedir (i,i); and Andar, Caer, Conocer (zc), Construir (y), Dar, Decir, Estar, Haber, Hacer, Ir, Oír, Pensar (ie), Producir (zc), Poder, Poner, Querer, Reír (i,i), Saber, Salir, Seguir (i,i)(g), Ser, Tener, Traer, Venir, Ver, and Volver (ue)

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