There’s nothing like a catchy tune to make things stick in your mind. Lirica is an app that takes that idea and applies it to learning a foreign language. The app takes the music of artists like Enrique Iglesias and Elvis Crespo and uses it to help you learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

With each lesson, you learn parts of the … [ Read more ]

Study Spanish with RTVE Television Programs: Stream or Download Free Videos with Spanish Subtitles

Video Download Helper

RTVE, Spain’s state-owned television station, offers a variety of programs from news to dramas for free streaming online with many free from geographical restrictions. Since most programs offer closed captioning for viewers with visual impairments, watching the programs is not only entertaining but can really help you improve your listening skills. You can stream the shows online or you can follow the instructions below to … [ Read more ]


Duolingo is completely free with no ads or hidden fees. The reason its free is that the users create value by translating real-world documents while learning. Essentially, somebody who needs a webpage translated uploads it to Duolingo. That document then gets presented to Duolingo students who can translate it in order to practice the language they are learning. When the document is fully translated, Duolingo … [ Read more ]

20 Words and Phrases to Start Texting in Spanish

English speakers are not alone in using netspeak to create number-filled, abbreviated, and strangely-spelled messages for speed, efficiency and making messages impenetrable to others. Here are examples of 20 commonly-used expressions throughout the Spanish-texting world, with a more detailed explanation of the rules that underlie their formation, so you can decode them as you go along si quieres, if you like. Many phrases can be … [ Read more ]


Erik Larson set out to build the LangLadder jetpack project to make learning a foreign language more enjoyable by reducing two common obstacles.

1.) Eliminate the choice between free time and language learning by merging the two. According to a December 2009 research study, an average net user surfs the web 13 hours per week excluding email. That is almost 2 hours on the web per … [ Read more ]

How to type special characters in Spanish

If you are new to learning Spanish and you use a computer, then the chances are that you are wondering how to put the accent marks (or diacritics) on vowels — such as é or ü — or type the letter eñe (Ñ) or the special punctuation marks used in the language — such as « and ¿ This article reviews a few of the … [ Read more ]

LanguageBob Firefox Addon

Revise And Improve Languages Effortlessly.
No Time, No Sweat, No Studying.
Natural Learning, Like When You Were A Child.

This is not a language course. However, it will help you revise and learn languages. It takes the drudgery out of learning

Browse the Internet as normal and LanguageBob will drip-feed you the language. Let your Internet-time double as language-learning time.

BabelFish Instant Translation Firefox Addon

A great firefox addon that allows you to simply highlight a word and a small hover window will appear and the word will be looked up in either google or yahoo for a translation. Incredibly useful. I have tried several others but this one is my favorite. One weakness is that it doesn’t do phrases only single words.

Barra de Español Firefox Addon

Barra de Español is a Firefox toolbar for students of the Spanish language. It provides tools and links to resources useful to students, such as word definition lookup and links to native Spanish material.


Popling describes itself as “a website + desktop app for people who want to learn, but lack motivation.” Every few minutes as you work in other apps on your PC or Mac (you choose how often) Popling displays a question in a small window. Ignore it and it goes away…click it to see the full flash card. It’s learning, with no motivation required!