This link is dead. I am keeping this original listing just for reference.

Translating documents from desktop applications is always a bit difficult due to inadequate translating resources provided (if at all) by applications, such as, text editors, word processors and messenger application. Transmiti is a Google Powered portable application which is capable of translating text from any application. It can translate selected text or entire documents using a hotkey. You can either copy the translation to clipboard or replace the current text with the translation (if applicable). Transmiti supports translations to and from all languages supported by Google Translate. Transmiti is quite similar to the previously reviewed Linguarde, however unlike Linguarde, the pop-up window contaning the translation is quite stable and does not vanish unless you close it manually. Transmiti works from system tray and requires being launched whenever you require translating text. You can set translation preferences by double clikcing on system tray icon. The Settings tab allows setting the language in which the text is to be translated to. You can leave the Translate From option to Automatic, so Transmiti can detect the current language automatically. The Additional action drop down menu provides the option to either automa

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