Ollendorff’s New method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak: the Spanish Language

The superiority of Ollendorff’s method of teaching languages is now universally acknowledged, both in the United States and in Europe. Divested of the ab-stractedness of grammar, it contains, however, all its elements; but it develops them so gradually, and in so simple a manner, as to render them intelligible to the most ordinary capacity. The difficulties are met singly, thoroughly analyzed, and made familiar by dint of a varied and interesting repetition. It is, therefore, hardly possible to go through this book with any degree of application, without becoming thoroughly conversant with the colloquial, idiomatic, and classic use of the Spanish language. Consequently, persons transacting business in the countries of which the Spanish is the vernacular tongue, will find this work to be their best guide in learning to speak it with propriety. For the benefit of persons grammatically acquainted with the English, or other languages, a Synopsis of the Spanish has been annexed as an Appendix, containing tables of the regular conjugations of the verbs, copious lists of the irregular verbs, general rules of etymology, syntax, etc., by means of which they may learn all the peculiarities of the Spanish, and make themselves perfect master

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