Laugh ‘n’ Learn Spanish: Featuring the #1 Comic Strip “For Better or For Worse”

To its millions of fans, the Pattersons are just like their own families, facing universal issues among daily concerns. Containing a selection of 100 syndicated Spanish-language versions of the strip that is widely read in Latin America, Laugh ‘n’ Learn Spanish provides an entertaining and effective way to expand and polish conversational skills in Spanish.

Readers learn by understanding and learning natural, everyday verbal interactions at home and about town, following John and Ell Patterson as they attempt to come to terms with middle age; daughter Elizabeth as she spreads her wings and goes off to college; son Michael dating and then marrying his childhood sweetheart, Deanna; daughter April as she rebels against discipline, and grandpa who finds a second love in the autumn of his life. Each strip is graded by difficulty–Beginning, Moderate, or Challenging–and is accompanied by:
* Glosses that translate difficult vocabulary
* Usage notes to build proficiency
* A summarizing activity that tests comprehension
* Additional exercises for key idioms and word patterns appear at the end of each section

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