Dictionary.com Spanish Lesson

This is an old 10-part Spanish lesson from Dictionary.com that is no longer available (the link is to an Archive.org copy). It involves a student named Kristen arriving to study in Barcelona. Each lesson is text-only and not terribly long. There is also an option to show or hide the English translation. No explanations of vocabulary or grammar are provided, so really this serves more … [ Read more ]


NPR’s Radio Ambulante podcast is an excellent listening resource but can be challenging for less advanced learners. Fortunately, the show has teamed up with the creators of a new language learning app to launch a new app: Lupa.

The app plays Radio Ambulante-style
stories while you read along on the transcript. A slew of features help
you adjust the difficulty level: to make listening … [ Read more ]

Spanish NewsBites – Spanish Language News for Spanish Language Learners

Spanish NewsBites is a free language-learning website designed to help you learn Spanish at the same time as you learn about what’s happening TODAY throughout Spain and Latin America.

So just what is the Spanish NewsBites recipe?

Three to four times a week, we choose a news story from Spain or Latin America and adapt it for language learners. Often, it’s the kind of story you … [ Read more ]

Comics en Español

A collection of 33 comics, many famous, in Spanish. Some are originally Spanish and others translated versions of English favorites such as Calvin and Hobbes, B.C., Cathy, Garfield, Marmaduke, The Wizard of Id, and Ziggy. [Hat tip to howtolearnspanish.com]

A First Spanish Reader with Questions and Vocabulary

This Reader is the outgrowth of a desire for a textbook that combines simplicity with variety. To make it available for use almost at the very beginning of the Spanish course only the present tense has been employed in the first twenty-three selections and difficult constructions have been consistently avoided.

With one or two exceptions, many changes have been made in the selections taken from Spanish … [ Read more ]

Learn Spanish with Comics

Learn Spanish with Comics offers many short comics with the text in Spanish. You can click on the speech bubble to see the translation into English.

Practica Español

A great resource for reading, grammar and music in Spanish is Practica Español, by Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish government’s organization for the promotion of Spanish language and culture. Here you’ll find a large collection of current news articles sorted by difficulty levels and categories to suit your interests. If you don’t know a word, double-click to get the definition. There are also activities paired with … [ Read more ]

Noticia De Un Secuestro

A free online copy (and downloadable .pdf).

In a departure from his Nobel prize-winning fiction, Garcia Marquez examines the November 7, 1990, abduction of well-known Colombian journalist Maruja Pachon and her sister-in-law by the “Extraditables,” drug traffickers belonging to the Medellin Cartel. Among others kidnapped were the daughter of an ex-president of Colombia and the son of the owner of El Tiempo, Colombia’s most important … [ Read more ]


The best selling newspaper in Spain. Some of the best writers publish their articles in El Pais. Good International Section and well designed. Only in Spanish. If you sign up to their RSS feed beware that they post a LOT of articles each day.