These days it isn’t too difficult to find Spanish-language video, either on TV or online. UVideos is a Univision-sponsored site where you can discover, watch discuss and share the best of Hispanic programming anywhere, anytime and on any device.

List of Websites Where You Can Watch Spanish Videos with Spanish Subtitles or Transcripts Online for Free

This is the Holy Grail for Spanish-learners: videos (movies, TV shows, whatever) in Spanish and with Spanish (not English) subtitles, or an exact transcript in Spanish of what was said. But what about online? What about free? That would be the best possible combination in the world, wouldn’t it? Well, it’s taken a while, I’ve been collecting these and scraping them together for over … [ Read more ]

Ciudades para el siglo XXI

For those of you accustomed with BBC iPlayer or other stream-on-demand video services, Spain’s national station RTV also lets you stream and watch Spanish TV series and programmes at high speed and quality for nothing.

While there’s a lot to choose from it’s well worth spending part of your learning day watching RTV’s brilliant “ciudades para el siglo XXI“ (cities for the 21st century) series.

Each episode … [ Read more ]

La Casa Rojas – Free Spanish Video Classes Online

Luis & Joan Rojas of La Casa Rojas are releasing free video Spanish lessons weekdays covering everything, from Spanish phonetics to Spanish grammar and idiomatic expressions. They explain:

“Here’s how it works. Each day, Monday through Friday, we publish a new Spanish class in the format of a 10-minute video. Each class builds on the one of the day before. We ask you to do some … [ Read more ]

Lyrics Training

Learning a foreign language doesn’t have to be dry and boring rote memorization. Clever web site Lyrics Training sharpens your skills through music and song lyrics.

Lyrics Training is a really fun approach to helping you pick up a foreign language. Choose a YouTube-hosted music video and select one of three mastery levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. As the video begins to play, the song’s lyrics … [ Read more ]


Subs.to is a simple subtitle search engine. Plug in the name of the movie or television show—make sure to include the season and episode number!—and the language you’d like to read the subtitles in and Subs.to will return the subtitles in SRT or SUB format.

For most media players all you need to do is place the subtitle file in the same folder as the actual … [ Read more ]

Lights, Camera, Spanish

Lights, Camera, Spanish! is a revolutionary, look-listen-and-learn approach to language skills, specially created for you, the movie lover, who wants a crash course in Spanish. The DVD includes a full-length feature film packed with passion, romance, danger . . . and dialogue that’s easy to learn and fun to watch. The workbook features dialog reviews, a Spanish-English mini-dictionary, and written and oral exercises to help … [ Read more ]

Sherlock Holmes y el caso de la joya azul

Cody’s Cuentos te presenta un cuento del detective más famoso de la historia – Sherlock Holmes. En este relato, Sherlock Holmes y su querido amigo y compañero, Watson, investigan el misterioso robo de una joya. Una piedra preciosa que, sorprendentemente, ha desaparecido de un cofre de un hotel y ha ido a parar al buche de una oca. ¿Cómo resolverán este extraño caso? Manténte … [ Read more ]


SpanishPod101.com is an innovative, fun, and easy to use language learning system that is designed to get you speaking Spanish from the very first lesson. Learn Spanish at your own convenience and pace with short, effective, and fun audio podcast lessons and a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Learning Center that provides you with the tools to take your Spanish to the next level.

Coffee Break Spanish

The award-winning Spanish course aimed at beginners through to intermediate learners providing weekly 20-minute lessons covering the basics of Spanish. This is an ideal course for anyone who wants to go further than learning phrases off by heart, and will allow listeners to develop their confidence in the language.

Editor’s Note: this is one of the podcasts I most often recommend to beginner and intermediate students. … [ Read more ]

Show Time Spanish

Take your learning to the next stage with Show Time. Presented by Mark, Alba and José, Show Time Spanish is the podcast which naturally follows the popular Coffee Break Spanish podcast. It offers listening practice for intermediate to advanced learners and in each episode listeners will learn idiomatic Spanish phrases and get to grips with grammar.

Editor’s Note: this is currently my preferred podcast for personal … [ Read more ]

Les Luthier: Lo Importante Que Es Saber Idiomas

Les Luthier is an Argentinian musical comedy group originally started in the 1960’s. Here is one of their videos focusing on the comedy inherent in language and vocabulary.

Español Podcast | Spanish Podcast

Un podcast en lengua española para todos aquellos que quieran revisar en profundidad todo lo relacionado con el español que han aprendido, que saben y hablan, pero que está pendiente de algunas actualizaciones.

Este podcast se dirige, pues, a aquellos hablantes de español que quieren perfeccionar su español hablado y escrito, a los quieren estructurar mejor sus conocimientos gramaticales del español, a los que … [ Read more ]

Free Online Spanish Lesson for Travel / Hotels

The audio lesson contains expressions, and sentences that anyone staying at a hotel or guesthouse will find very useful. Not everyone in a hotel will be able to speak English or your own native language to you, and you will often be in situations where knowing a few basic sentences and requests will make your stay much more comfortable. Learn how to check into a … [ Read more ]

Puerta del Sol Audio Magazine

Puerta del Sol is the Spanish Audio Magazine for students of Castilian and Latin American Spanish. If you already have a handle on the basics of Spanish and now want to improve or maintain your proficiency, this is the product for you! Puerta del Sol Spanish Audio Magazine will help you take your vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and Spanish conversation skills to the next level.

Each … [ Read more ]

Notes in Spanish

Free Spanish audio and video brings you authentic, real Spanish conversations about real-life topics, making you totally confident with your Spanish. Listen here, or on your iPod or mp3 player as Spanish podcasts. Three levels to choose from:
– Inspired Beginners
– Intermediate
– Advanced