RTVE is Spain’s state-owned corporate television station, very similar to the BBC in the U.K. or PBS here in the U.S. They’re the largest and most popular broadcaster in Spain, and they show a wide variety of news, documentaries, fictional dramas, reality shows, etc. Since they’re state-funded, there’s no profit motive and therefore less motivation on their part to restrict who can watch their products, … [ Read more ]

Spanish NewsBites – Spanish Language News for Spanish Language Learners

Spanish NewsBites is a free language-learning website designed to help you learn Spanish at the same time as you learn about what’s happening TODAY throughout Spain and Latin America.

So just what is the Spanish NewsBites recipe?

Three to four times a week, we choose a news story from Spain or Latin America and adapt it for language learners. Often, it’s the kind of story you … [ Read more ]

El Periódico

A respected newspaper from Barcelona.

Puerta del Sol Audio Magazine

Puerta del Sol is the Spanish Audio Magazine for students of Castilian and Latin American Spanish. If you already have a handle on the basics of Spanish and now want to improve or maintain your proficiency, this is the product for you! Puerta del Sol Spanish Audio Magazine will help you take your vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and Spanish conversation skills to the next level.

Each … [ Read more ]

La Casa Rojas – the magazine

An On-line Magazine called La Casa Rojas – the magazine . It features original pieces written for us by authors from all over Latin America and Spain. Our writers are people from different backgrounds and ages. Our magazine is targeted to students of Spanish, Spanish Teachers as a source for classes and travelers. The pieces are meant to give the traveler the inside scoop … [ Read more ]

El Mundo

El Mundo has become a popular newspaper as a result of its in-depth investigation in its articles. Only in Spanish.

La Vanguardia

One of the most respected newspapers in Spain.


The best selling newspaper in Spain. Some of the best writers publish their articles in El Pais. Good International Section and well designed. Only in Spanish. If you sign up to their RSS feed beware that they post a LOT of articles each day.


This conservative newspaper may have the best cultural section of Spanish newspapers. Only in Spanish.


If you love sports and can read Spanish, this is your site. Excellent sports information, specially about soccer.