There’s nothing like a catchy tune to make things stick in your mind. Lirica is an app that takes that idea and applies it to learning a foreign language. The app takes the music of artists like Enrique Iglesias and Elvis Crespo and uses it to help you learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

With each lesson, you learn parts of the … [ Read more ]

Practica Español

A great resource for reading, grammar and music in Spanish is Practica Español, by Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish government’s organization for the promotion of Spanish language and culture. Here you’ll find a large collection of current news articles sorted by difficulty levels and categories to suit your interests. If you don’t know a word, double-click to get the definition. There are also activities paired with … [ Read more ]

Sing Your Way to Spanish

Simon and Erin at the blog Never Ending Voyage offer suggestions for using Spanish music to improve your study of the language.

Lyrics Training

Learning a foreign language doesn’t have to be dry and boring rote memorization. Clever web site Lyrics Training sharpens your skills through music and song lyrics.

Lyrics Training is a really fun approach to helping you pick up a foreign language. Choose a YouTube-hosted music video and select one of three mastery levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. As the video begins to play, the song’s lyrics … [ Read more ]


Radio Beta is a web-based radio station aggregator/player. The site allows you to search radio stations by Geography and/or Genre and/or Band and/or Language and/or Tags. Once you find an interesting station, you can play it directly on the site with an embedded player. Every listing includes the country, language, genre, city, the broadcast frequency and a link back to the source of the audio … [ Read more ]

Find Internet TV – Spanish

Find Internet TV allows you to search for and find episodes of your favorite missed television shows or web-based video content. Especially interesting is the fact that you can find content by language, in this case Spanish. Quite useful to work on your listening comprehension!