Practica Español

A great resource for reading, grammar and music in Spanish is Practica Español, by Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish government’s organization for the promotion of Spanish language and culture. Here you’ll find a large collection of current news articles sorted by difficulty levels and categories to suit your interests. If you don’t know a word, double-click to get the definition. There are also activities paired with … [ Read more ]

Sing Your Way to Spanish

Simon and Erin at the blog Never Ending Voyage offer suggestions for using Spanish music to improve your study of the language.

Lyrics Training

Learning a foreign language doesn’t have to be dry and boring rote memorization. Clever web site Lyrics Training sharpens your skills through music and song lyrics.

Lyrics Training is a really fun approach to helping you pick up a foreign language. Choose a YouTube-hosted music video and select one of three mastery levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. As the video begins to play, the song’s lyrics … [ Read more ]


Radio Beta is a web-based radio station aggregator/player. The site allows you to search radio stations by Geography and/or Genre and/or Band and/or Language and/or Tags. Once you find an interesting station, you can play it directly on the site with an embedded player. Every listing includes the country, language, genre, city, the broadcast frequency and a link back to the source of the audio … [ Read more ]

Find Internet TV – Spanish

Find Internet TV allows you to search for and find episodes of your favorite missed television shows or web-based video content. Especially interesting is the fact that you can find content by language, in this case Spanish. Quite useful to work on your listening comprehension!