NPR’s Radio Ambulante podcast is an excellent listening resource but can be challenging for less advanced learners. Fortunately, the show has teamed up with the creators of a new language learning app to launch a new app: Lupa.

The app plays Radio Ambulante-style
stories while you read along on the transcript. A slew of features help
you adjust the difficulty level: to make listening … [ Read more ]

Spanish Learning Calendar

Intermediate-level learners of Spanish will like this wall calendar that presents 12 grammatical themes and over 600 examples of contemporary Latin American usage. 420 examples have been recorded in a variety of Latin American accents and are available freely on the website.

Price: $29.95 CAD (tax included) plus shipping and handling

Comparing The Top Products for Learning Spanish

Rosana Hart gives a nice summary table of 5 popular Spanish learning programs: Fluenz Spanish, Rocket Spanish, Pimsleur Spanish, Rosetta Stone Spanish, and Tell Me More Spanish.

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Individual online Spanish classes for only $9.99/hour!

Whether you want lessons in Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc or you want informal Spanish conversation practice, 121Speech can satisfy all your Spanish language-learning needs.

Learning Spanish with 121Speech is a friendly, interactive process which takes place online. You and your tutor communicate directly online using Skype video-conferencing.

Our lessons are top quality but our prices are low because our … [ Read more ]

Puerta del Sol Audio Magazine

Puerta del Sol is the Spanish Audio Magazine for students of Castilian and Latin American Spanish. If you already have a handle on the basics of Spanish and now want to improve or maintain your proficiency, this is the product for you! Puerta del Sol Spanish Audio Magazine will help you take your vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and Spanish conversation skills to the next level.

Each … [ Read more ]