Learn Spanish with Andrew

Andrew offers lots of useful tips and content for Spanish language learners based on his own experiences, with a heavy emphasis on using popular media in the language you’re learning (in this case: movies, YouTube videos, music, TV shows, books, etc. in Spanish).

Editor’s Note: I especially like his Learning Spanish From Music Videos series, though he only has six of them.

Study Spanish with RTVE Television Programs: Stream or Download Free Videos with Spanish Subtitles

Video Download Helper

RTVE, Spain’s state-owned television station, offers a variety of programs from news to dramas for free streaming online with many free from geographical restrictions. Since most programs offer closed captioning for viewers with visual impairments, watching the programs is not only entertaining but can really help you improve your listening skills. You can stream the shows online or you can follow the instructions below to … [ Read more ]

How to Learn Spanish on Your Own – The Complete Method

Marc, a linguistics graduate from Quebec, has created this “complete method to learn Spanish.” I don’t think it is very complete and it is obvious that it was written by someone who studied linguistics. For me it overly complicates things and claims that Spanish is a difficult language to learn, when in fact I think it is not. I also think step 2 (choose which … [ Read more ]

The little girl who challenged a nation

Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child for people to realise their own foolishness. The apparent naivety of youth is easy to dismiss… but often it reveals a view of the world that is unburdened by the twisted and ambiguous ideologies of adulthood. In Mafalda, a young girl who hates soup, Argentines once found an insightful commentator of social events.

8 essential tips for learning Spanish

Spanish is one of the fastest-spreading languages in the world and is often listed as among the easiest for English speakers to learn. With this in mind, why aren’t there more people fluent in Spanish?

Like all failed New Year’s resolutions, there’s saying and then there’s doing. The key is to have the right tools and mindset to help you stay focused and have fun learning. … [ Read more ]

Sing Your Way to Spanish

Simon and Erin at the blog Never Ending Voyage offer suggestions for using Spanish music to improve your study of the language.

50 Great Spanish Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Teenagers in high school and entering college have enough to worry about besides how to conjugate Spanish verbs. Fortunately, the Internet has so many resources geared to helping non-Spanish-speakers acquire this increasingly useful language that any teenager who is willing to spend a few minutes a day on the Web should be saying “Hola!” in no time.

This page will point you to activities, games, video … [ Read more ]

Taking Spanish Classes In Central America

“I have recently had a disappointing experience with taking Spanish classes in San Pedro Guatemala. In part due to my not doing enough research before signing up. I would like to share some tips on what to look for when choosing a Spanish School and deciding to take classes in the hopes that it will keep someone else from making the same mistakes that I … [ Read more ]

General Advice on Writing in Spanish

The following hints and reminders should help to make your written Spanish more acceptable to the Spanish reader by avoiding mistakes and un-Spanish expressions derived from English conventions. They inevitably distract attention from what you wish to convey.