Demystifying Spanish Grammar

I can’t see this book not being useful for anyone whose native language is not Spanish. Even if you are familiar with the topics covered, chances are you will see things that cause you to say, “Yeah cool, I’ve never really thought of it quite like that–very helpful.”

Demystifying Spanish Grammar: Advanced Spanish Grammar, Clarifying the Written Accents, Ser/Estar (Verbs), Para/Por (Prepositions), Imperfect/Preterite (Past Tenses), & the Dreaded Spanish Subjunctive

Grammar is the glue that holds language together. It governs how sentences are made up, how words change depending on subject and context, and how verbs conjugate to reflect whether something happened in the past, present or future. Unfortunately grammar is also one of the most detested and difficult parts of learning a language. Demystifying Spanish Grammar attempts to shed some of students’ anxiety about … [ Read more ]